Gap Ministry

The Gap ministry officially started in 1981 and began as a teen outreach. In 1984, Terry and Nancy Bowen, our current Children's Pastors, took over as Gap leaders and it transitioned from a teen ministry to a children's-outreach ministry. Soon after the transition, Pastor Terry began the Bus ministry, and New Life started reaching beyond its four walls to children and their families who might not have had the opportunity to hear the message of the love of Christ.

At each Gap Night, ALL children are welcome--our own church family and children who are bussed. The age group is from 1st grade to 6th grade, although younger children come, if accompanied by an adult.

We begin the night at 6 pm by hanging out in the Gap area with our Cafe' open for children to purchase food and beverages. Items on the menu are anywhere from a quarter to a $1.50.

Since the spring of 2012, the Gap has renovated, and with that New Life invested in all new TVs, Playstation and Wii game systems, especially for our Gap ministry. We also have air hockey, foosball, arts and crafts and weather permitting, outside activities.

At approximately 7:40 we head into the main sanctuary where our service includes group games, praise and worship, and a message, ending at 9 pm.

Over the years the Gap ministry has transitioned and evolved but our mission and theme has remained the same: To share the love of Christ, to children and their families.

If you are interested in being added to the bus route please contact the church office @ 810-694-4605

OR if you are interested in joining our team please contact Pastor Terry or Nancy Bowen for more information, also @ 810-694-4605

Check the calendar for our schedule!